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« I see that people have no more time to observe simple things in life, so I'm there to catch these little things and give them back. »

From an early age, Jose Montero showed talent and interest in the world of art - not only in painting - but also in photography, drawings and design.

The Designer was born and raised in Santiago de Chile. 

In Germany, he successfully studied communication design, completed internships ao. at VH1 in Los Angeles and (co-founded) art and design Labs in Berlin and Santiago de Chile. In addition to art and design, he is fascinated by architecture, the basics of which he acquired in self-study and which he translated into exhibition stands for Chile and abroad as well as several self-designed and executed building projects for houses in Chile. 

His professional life is dedicated to architecture design and photography - his personal feelings and moods he expresses in his pictures and design works.  

Since 2017 the artist has lived and works near Stuttgart.

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