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“I see that people no longer have time to observe simple things in life. So I'm here to catch those little things and share them with the world through my art." »

From an early age, Jose Montero showed talent and interest in the world of art - not just painting, but also photography, drawing and design.

Born in Santiago de Chile in 1975 and raised there, he successfully studied communication design in Germany and completed internships, among other things. at VH1 in Los Angeles and founded art and design studios in Berlin and Santiago de Chile. In addition to art and design, he is fascinated by photography and architecture.

Jose Montero has been living near Stuttgart since 2017 and devotes himself entirely to art. In addition to creating his own works of art, for which he uses a wide range of abstract painting techniques, he runs an art gallery (Montero Art Gallery), in which a large number of fascinating artists, many of them from South America, are represented.

Emotions are at the heart of his work as an artist. Jose Montero describes the impressions that life experiences, important details and his environment leave on him. The color combinations of Jose Montero's artworks are characterized by nuances combined with mystical shapes to represent dreams. Color and artistic originality as well as an interest in the new characterize the artist's work. Acrylic and mixed media are his main media, but he also likes to experiment with other materials and tools in order to give space to his exuberant creativity.

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